The iconic video game of Nintendo 64 Oldenzaal 007 could receive a new version if a recent flight is an indication. A series of achievements of Xbox for Goldener 007 has appeared online that seems to indicate that the popular video game could receive a new port in the near future, although nothing official has been announced.

The True achievements website, which tracks such things, seemingly discovered recently a list of Xbox achievements for an Xbox version of Oldenzaal 007 consisting of 55 achievements separated by a total value of 1,000 Gamer score. There are only a few Xbox accounts that have obtained any of these achievements and, as you notes of IGN, it is speculated that at least two of these belong to Rare employees, the company that originally made the video game for Nintendo 64, but then It was purchased by Xbox.

LEAKED NEWS! Goldeneye 007 N64 version on XBOX FINALLY happening!

In particular, this is not the first time that a Remaster of Golden eye 007 has heard. A version of the video game for Xbox Live Arcade, canceled for a long time, appeared online at the beginning of 2021. It is not clear if the list of achievements and the previous project are related in some way, but in particular, the score of player 1,000 attached It seems to exclude the list. Of achievements as if they were from the old project at least.

From this moment, it is not known when or if a new port of Golden eye 007 will be announced by Xbox. For now, the only official video game of James Bond is the one who is developing the developer of the Hitman franchise, IO Interactive, which was previously announced in 2020. You can check all our previous James Bond coverage in general here.

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