Alan Wake Remastered | PS5 - Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison & FPS
With a new update for Alan Wake Remastered, not only errors are fixed, but also improvements as the Auto HDR Support for Xbox Series X / S added. patch notes PlayStation 4: PlayStation 5: Xbox One: Xbox Series X / S: PERFORMANCE Improved title stability PROGRESSION An error has been fixed, through the player in Episode 2 the goal reach the tip of the mill could not complete because the elevator slipped through the stairs VOLUME Remedy of the audio lag, which occurred in some intermediate sequences (Xbox One) A rare problem has been fixed in which the sound of the intermediate sequences was played in Mono. Visuals Automatic HDR support added (Xbox Series X | S) Square of the Screen Bearings (Xbox One) General visual performance improvements UI The resolution of the game symbol has been improved (PC).