Along with consoles who continue to sell well, Microsoft can also express joy in realizing an exceptional year 2021 as a PC game developer as well as vendor, as highlighted in the annual record published by Vapor. The number of Xbox Game Pass customers, the heart of the Microsoft method, which has actually no longer given stats because the 18 million clients introduced in January 2021.


Invited by the New York Times to discuss various topical topics, Phil Spencer had the chance to confirm that Xbox Series X’S sales are still before those of the previous generations of Xbox after 14 months.

Since if Microsoft continues to be faithful to its non-disclosure policy, we recognize that the supplier had actually distributed 10.4 million Xbox 360 in January 2007 while the Xbox One had crossed the 10 million mark in November 2014. Concretely, Phil Spencer provides us the guarantee that the Xbox Series has actually discovered more than 10 million purchasers today.

In possession of sales figures in Europe, Christopher During of Games Sector suggests on Twitter that the Xbox Series is not yet quite in front of the Xbox One with respect to the UK. This in spite of a big month of December for the Microsoft console, which has actually given more stocks than its straight competitor the PS5 for the end-of-year holidays. Not to the factor of passing the PS5 over the whole year, neither interrupt a switch that continues to be a lot more extensively readily available all over the world.