For a few hours he had been rumoring that the launch of Shadow Man Remlevelstered wlevels a matter of time, of a very short time. The removal version of this cllevelssic for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dream clevelst and computer hlevels not been praying and hlevelse out almost by surprise. In fact, you can buy and download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC for approximately 17 euros (depends on the version). In addition to new levels and enemies, it incorporates additional features and graphic improvements.

Shadow Man is a man who stalks the criminals both in the spirit world levels in the real. He hlevels a voodoo mlevelsk embedded in his chest and certain marks on his back. In his struggle for stop the apocalypse and save the soul of him, he will have to investigate the scenes of crime in places like Loosing, New York or a mysterious prison in Texlevels.

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All News of Shadow Man Remlevelstered

3 new levels:

  • Summer camp, Florida (day and night)
  • Delegation, Mojave Desert (day and night)
  • levelsylum Station 2 — Experiments Rooms

New Audio (from the original composer, Tim Haywood):

  • Music and Remlevelstered Effects
  • New music and effects for recovered levels
  • Voice dialogues previously cut or unused at the original levels

Graphic updates:

  • Alternate between the original textures and new textures in high resolution
  • Textures in HD of all levels and objects
  • NVIDIA textures in introduction video sequences
  • Status bar and inventory icons in HD, plus a new icon for shadow gun
  • Animations that were not used in the original game
  • Deleted or censored models in the original game
  • N64 version GAD icons

Improvements in the game:

  • New gun selection roulette to change weapon more quickly while climbing time


  • Improved controls
  • Improved destroyable objects with Bullet Physics
  • Option of aiming automatically
  • IA improved
  • The levels appear in the order in which they were originally conceived
  • Lots of improvements at all levels of the game, from objects to geometry
  • Improvements in the location in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
  • More than 30 achievements

new weapons:

  • A second Vibrator (consisting of the N64 version)
  • Cropped shotgun (replaces the second shotgun)
  • New design and sounds for the shadow pistol

New enemies:

Port floating
Queen Seraph
Dead worm
Unused zombie recovered for station 2
Zombies with one arm in the apartments

Improvements in the rendering:

  • Compatible with 4K resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate
  • Dynamic lighting by pixel
  • Mapping of Shadows Clustered Forward
  • Independent transparency of the order
  • New post-processing effects:
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • Motion blur

  • Granulate
  • Depth of field


  • The remlevelstered version includes all the secrets of the N64 / Dream clevelst / PC version