Grand Theft Auto, usually abbreviated GTA, is a series of video clip games produced by David Jones and Mike Daily, after that by the Brothers Dan as well as Sam Hostler, Leslie Menzies and also Aaron Gar but. Shown up in 1997, the series is primarily developed by the Scottish business Superstar North (previously MA Design), as well as released by Rock star Gaming. The name of the series is derived from the excellent Automobile Theft expression, which suggests automobile trip as well as is sometimes made use of in the cops’ jargon.
Many of the games of the series takes location in a fictitious city like Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas or Los Santos, respectively designed from American cities as well as regions of New York, Miami, South The Golden State and Los Angeles. The series is usually the subject of polemics by its adult web content and its terrible themes.
The series is introduced by MA Layout in 1997; In 2015, it has an overall of sixteen games, including 4 extensions and online mode that can be comparable to video games in its very own right. Many stars and also artists offer their voice to the personalities of the series including Ray Gotta, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Receptacle, Samuel L. Jackson, Debbie Harry, Phil Collins, Pink AXL, and Peter Fonda.
In 2021, the franchise has greater than 350 million copies marketed all over the world, placing it in the fourth location of one of the most offered computer game series of perpetuity.

After a couple of delays, it is expected that GTA V is available at PS5 and Xbox Series X | S next March. However, a new report by a Data Miner has indicated that This title could move its release date once again.


According to information from Matheusbr9895, GTA V In the new consoles you are suffering from a series of problems . Thus, the Data Miner has pointed out that this improved version would arrive between April and May 2022, a couple of months after the expected. This was what he said:

Recently I recently received information about the game: Grand Theft Auto V: expanded and improved. The development was complicated. At the moment, it is still in March, but there are great possibilities that it is postponed for April / May, he commented.

As always, this is just a rumor, and At the moment there is no official information on the part of Rock star or Take-Two . However, we have already seen how this version of the game has been delayed on multiple occasions, so the chances that this happens again are not null.

If nothing changes, GTA v will reach PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in March 2022 . On related topics, GTA VI would arrive until 2024. In the same way, we already know what happened to Michael after the events of the game.

Editor’s note:

A delay would not be a surprise. However, it would be quite rare for a game that came to the market in 2013 is not yet available in the new consoles, especially considering that its launch in PS4 and Xbox One was almost immediate.