The ballets are now in demand for the graduation competition in Atwood. Here at Spot you can follow the entire race in the live ticker.

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Biathlon season penultimate season competition! Today, the ladies season stands in Anthony. For the nations, it is the penultimate way to collect points as collective in the World Cup. Does the DSV team create the first podium? Here you can do it here.

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Biathlon: Season of ladies in Anthony Now in the live ticker

Before starting: Switzerland will also have little to do with the outcome of the race. With Lena Hack the best Swiss runs on position two. The team complement Amy Basra as well as the Gasparino sisters Elisa and Selina.

Before starting: Without Lisa Theresa Mauser, the Austrians deny the relay competition. Julia Schweitzer, Anna Coup, Katharina Interloper and Christina Raider go on the track one after the other. You will only have outsider opportunities.

Before starting: Other top athletes like Mate Olsen Roseland and the Berg sisters are missing. Norwegians are well-placed with Caroline Offigstad, Tirol Emhoff, Ida Lien and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and are considered to be co-favorites. The season in Upholding won the French, with you the expectations are high. The Russians may also be underestimated as the Team from Belarus.

Before starting: The German team enters into decimated. Vanessa Vogt, Denise Herrmann and Vanessa Hind are not at the start. Franziska Press continues to lack her injury in December and a corona infection. Germany sends Anna Wade, Franziska Hildebrand, Janine Hectic and Hanna Singer into the race. Singer was allowed to celebrate the recently their World Cup debut and runs on the fourth position today.


Before starting: The gentlemen were already very successful in the series and from a German point of view. Benedict Doll won the mass start and once again put an exclamation mark before Olympia.

Before starting: The fourth ladies season of the season will be opened at 15 o’clock.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the biathlon season of the ladies in Italian Anthony.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Anthony today on TV and Livestream

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Biathlon: The stand in the world cup of the ladies

Rank Name Points
1 France 168
2 Sweden 162
3 Russia 136
4 Belarus 126
5 Germany 126
6 Norway 115
7 Italy 104
8 Ukraine 103
9 Czech Republic 96
10 Estonia 94

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