The community of League of Legends has discovered a new and worrying bug that is affecting the games. Specifically, it is a LUX failure that makes its E (bright singularity) to have the visual effect of being remote control to enemies. A problem of clarity that many players had not detected so far, and that can lead to important confusions that make us make erroneous decisions.

The failure caused by a Riot trick


The error causes that when a LUX launches the aforementioned skill from a bush and tried to dodge, let’s see the particles (VFX) chasing us wherever we go. It impacts all aspects of the champion and only happens when she throws us the brilliant singularity from a map area where we have no vision. The projectile even twists surrealistic to go by us , although fortunately it is only a visual effect.

Although it may seem that its consequences are anecdotal, depending on the situation can change a game . Especially when several characters are grouped, the projectile can give the feeling of going to a different champion that is actually directed. In this way, she takes us by surprise and the slowdown she enables the champion to launch the whole skill combo. Situation that, attending to the power of it, we could well consider as a sentence.

Attending to the League of Legends Programming Keys, the situation is caused by a small Bilge of Riot Games. The bright uniqueness of Lux works creating an invisible minion at the objective location to which the champion launches a fastening skill . However, this error means that the visual effects confuse this undetectable unit with the enemy champion, allowing the trajectory to take an erratic direction. Keep in mind that the method of creating invisible minions is not entirely bad, and is used in many elements of the title.

The reason why it only happens at a visual level and can not be detected in a repetition is that it happens in the client of the players of League of Legends, so that the servers end up correcting their location naturally. However, it is a very worrying mistake. Lux is the most popular game champion and is currently used even in the highest MMR qualifying items.