The Infinite_ Halo The Campaign has been available for almost two months, while multiplayer mode has been available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC for approximately three months. In spite of this, you still lack favorite content from fans. For example, there is no cooperative campaign or Forge mode and you do not know when this will change. There is also no King of the Hill mode, but it seems that that is changing, and possibly in the near future.

This week Halo infinity The update, the second of 2022, made a series of changes in the game, or at least in its multiplayer mode. That said, in general, it was not the most remarkable update, or at least not at the superficial level. There was an update of what the patch notes reveal. Obviously, 343 Industries is working on future content than it is not ready to talk, but data miners have discovered it before an official announcement.

With recent update, 343 Industries added files for King of the Hill, which is now in the game, but only in no connection mode. In other words, it is not yet ready, but this implementation suggests that it is about to launch.

King of the Hill has been on all the main lines AUREOLA GAME and HALO REACH too. In fact, it was one of the original modes in marathon, the game that Bungie did before doing it aureola. It is a basic element of the series that for some unexplainable reason is missing. Of course, this was never going to be permanent omission, but it was not clear when it could be corrected. And it is still not 100 percent clear when it will be corrected, but it seems that it will be soon.

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Halo Infinito is available via PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X. It is also available through Xbox Game Pass, while its multiplayer mode is free. For more coverage about the latest Aureola game, click here.