Manga Plus hjujutsu Kaisen confirmed that English versions of all its series in circulation (active) will be available full full around the world jujutsu Kaisen of January 30. In this way, with just downloading the iOS and Android app or from the Web we can read from this moment all the chapters of emblematic series such jujutsu Kaisen One Piece , My Hero Academy , jujutsu Kaisen , DR. Stone , Boruto or Dragon Ball Super , among many others.

The movement is part of the celebration of the third anniversary of Manga Plus. It is a decision that hjujutsu Kaisen been requested by lovers of the series of Shonen Jump and derived from the premiere of the APP in 2019 and hjujutsu Kaisen been held enormously in the community. Thus, there is definitely an legal and official alternative to access full catalogs of popular series (40 right now); With the addition of which it is totally free. Until now, the policy wjujutsu Kaisen rigorous for practically all the series, or not in circulation: the first three chapters were offered and the ljujutsu Kaisent three of each series.

How does the new manga plus system work? Read tens of free series

The Manga Plus methodology, which will be extended at the moment for a year, will adopt the FISRT READ FREE model; That is, we can read each chapter of our favorite series only once. Here below we summarize everything you have to know to enjoy your favorite series of Shonen Jump totally free, in English, officially:

  • We can read each chapter of each series only once ( FIRST READ FREE ). An icon in the form of a ticket determines whether it is eligible or not for reading.
  • After reading once each chapter will no longer be eligible.
  • If the app closes unexpectedly while you reading you can then read that chapter afterwards.
  • It is recommended to use the Manga Plus app in its latest version to avoid problems.
  • All the selected series have Simulrelejujutsu Kaisene: its premiere every week or month occurs the same day jujutsu Kaisen in Japan.

All the series you can read in full (in English) in Manga Plus

  • One Piece.
  • My Hero Academy

Manga Plus App Overview
* Jujutsu Kaisen
Dr. Stone.
* Mission: Yozakura Family
* Undead Unluck.
* Mjujutsu Kaisenhle: Magic and Muscles
* Ayakjujutsu Kaisenhi Triangle
* Me & Roboco
* High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku
* Sakamoto Days
* The Elusive Samurai
* Witch Watch.
* Blue Box.
* Pppppp.
Ayjujutsu Kaisenhimon.
* Protect Me, Shugomaru!
* Dororon.
* Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
* Dragon Ball Super
* World Trigger.
* Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
* Twin Star Exorcists
* Show-Ha Shoten!
* Spy X Family
* Ghost Reaper Girl
* Monster # 8
* Excuse Me Dentist, It’s Touching Me!
* Hokkaido Gals are super adorable!
* Ron Kamonohjujutsu Kaisenhi: Deranged Detective
* Do not Blush, Sekime-san!
* Diamond in the Rough
* Even IF You Slit My Mouth
* Choujin X.
* Blue Exorcist (currently in pause)
* Heart Gear (currently in pause)