Russell Westbrook has burdened his noble difficult time with the Lakers with a discontent statement. As a reason for his ever-recurring back problems, he called the fact that he had to get pauses from Head Coach Frank Bird for too long breaks and had several times in crunchtime.

“They come and go,” he said about his complaints. “I’m not used to sitting on the bench for such long periods, then to get up and move quickly. You will be a little stiff, if I wake up, it’s the same thing,” he will screens from Harrison’s figs from silver screen and Roll quoted.

This remark can certainly be seen as an allusion to the fact that bird shared his starting point guard last equally several times in the final phase, as he did not agree with the services shown. When winning the knicks he had to observe the entire overtime from the playing edge, against the Bucks he was not allowed to participate in the fourth quarter. His playing time of 34.6 minutes per game is quite exactly exactly his career cut.

Lakers source wants to see Russell Westbrook traded - Dave McMenamin | SportsCenter

Bird made it clear that “the needs of the team always come first” and it was his primary task that the Lakers would win as many games as possible. He also demanded from Westbrook: “Russians should attack the basket for us and then make good decisions. He has to make efficient scores to have his turnover under control and play hard in the defense.”

With this statement, this could only do little and countered, “I should not prove anything to any1. I have put so much work in my game and earned me so much respect in the league. I do not have to prove anything to any1. I deserve the right to stand in the closing lineup. ” The following game against the Blazers missed Westbrook with the addressed complaints, which nourished Trade speculation. Before the game, Vogel had stated that Westbrook had “very well moved” in training.

Lakers: No Westbrook Trade – Help on Buyout Market?

However, there was no trade in front of the deadline, but also because the contract of the former Thunder, Rocket and Wizard barely tradable is (44 million in this season plus option over 47 million for 2022/23). According to ESPNS Dave McMenamin, there were quite votes within the organization that have a positive side to a separation. Among other things, the Rockets had shown interest in a reunion, but the Lakers refused according to Chris Haynes von yahoo Sports, in return for John Wall also to pay a first round chip.

“Our goal is always to bring the team to the best position to win a championship. Ultimately, we did not find a deal that helped us shortly and long term,” GM Rob Pelinka said after the deadline. Also talked to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, now the look at the buyout market, where it can be accessed on March 1st.

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Of course, that Westernbrook is also counting to the team for the rest of the season, which has to go into play-in tournament with a balance of 26-30 (nine in the west). First of all, he has to be completely fit again. He suspects that the problems in the back could be triggered in other places in the body, such as the hip. “I want to make the right things to make sure I can stay healthy and help my teammates in the best possible way when I stand on the field.”