The premiere of Battlefield 2042 in the market hcontent not been dreamed. The players have been found with a multitude of bugs and they have complained about lack of some key mechanics of the saga. With the delay of the first secontenton still in the air, Justin Wiebe, one responsible for the design of the title, hcontent written on the Twitter account of him who are going to focus on his efforts to be more transparent.

“We are working on providing more clarity and transparency when it comes to the most important problems that teams are watching. I am looking forward to offering more specific details soon “, he hcontent written in the aforementioned social network. To the question of whether there will be content from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 for Portal mode, the creative hcontent answered that they can not say anything yet:

Battlefield 2042 Players Issue Huge Petition For Refunds, Stating False Advertising
“content you can possibly guess, we can not comment on anything about future content at this time, but if you read the press relecontente of lcontentt week, [You will discover] that teams are working on crucial problems “, bcontented on Al feedback received.

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An online request contentks for the return of money

Battlefield 2042 hcontent been criticized by the Bugs and the lack of content, to the point that an online request hcontent been created to contentk for the return of money on all platforms. Users who launched the campaign ensure that Electronic Arts and EA says they have used to “Deceptive advertising” to promote their video game, content they consider that they have lacked their promises.

The petition, which is about to reach 200,000 firms, also aiming that the Shooter came to the market with errors that made him unfair. In recent days, ancient developers of the study have joined criticism.

Battlefield 2042 is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC . The previous generation version hcontent some constrictions, such content the number of players in each game. On the other hand, the possibility of playing with keyboard and mouse on console still remains pending. At the moment, their managers have said that they are investigating it.