As we know everything, communication in video games is partly extremely important, especially in teamshoots. In the zeal of virtual battle, one or the other can be quite loud. Why it may not be a good idea to write super loud after “help”, has recently had to know Twitch Streamer Vuzby.

During a heated round Apex Legends, Vuzby called his teammates for help, and though they did not come over, the local police in Canada heard his screams and came to see after the right. Unlike in swatting actions against streamer , the interaction with the police was extremely harmless.

Hello, have you screamed for help?

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During his live streams, two policemen appeared behind the streamer at once and asked for the right. The completely perplexed Vuzby had no idea why suddenly the police are in his apartment.

“Are you straight on YouTube? Are you streaming right now?” asked one of the officers and wanted to know if he had just screamed for help. For content you also like to scream, the streamer explained what the policeman visibly amused. The policemen had scared him to death, fortunately the officials have classified the situation immediately as harmless.

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How did the police come in at all?

The police officer then explained that he heard the streamer for help and that someone heard him from outside. Before she went, she wished the streamer good luck and that he would get many calls on his canal.

As the policemen came so suddenly in his room, Vuzby explained on Twitter. They first knocked on the window and then to the door, whereupon his girlfriend left the policemen . Fortunately for the Twitch Streamer no damage was done and the policemen were quite quiet. Nevertheless, Vuzby should consider whether he should not be a little quieter in the future, especially if he screams a lot for help in the game.

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