The HBO series The Last of US is a production critically considered by the fans. It is based on the PlayStation game of the Developer Studio’s PlayStation Game of the Developer Studio Naughty Dog from 2013 and is so popular that even the appearance of the facial presence of the main actor provides for discussions. HBO has not yet set an appointment for the premiere of the series and perhaps for good reason. Fans expected the game adaptation in 2022, but a responsible person at HBO has now prepared these hopes and excluded a publication this year .

The Last of Us delays until 2023

The series has been in progress for some time, but we will probably see no finished consequences of it soon. A responsible for HBO and HBO Max, where the series will celebrate premiere, has confirmed that will not be aired in 2022 . A date of publication in 2023 is much more likely.

This information is from Casey BLOYS , Chief Content Officer at HBO and HBO Max, who recently gave an interview with online magazine deadline. On the question of the publishing period of The Last of Us, Bloys wies out every possibility that it could appear sometime in 2022.

_ “It is not aired in 2022 – they still turn in Canada. I can imagine that you will see it 2023.” _

The production is currently in the Canadian city of Calgary in progress. Officially, shooting should take action until June 2022. It was therefore expected that the series would be seen at the end of the year.

Last-of-US series “looks promising”

Despite the still long wait, Bloys could still provide a bright spot in an interview. His information about the TV series is well progressed and the first pictures look promising .

_ “I’ve seen some early episodes and I’m very excited. Craig [MATINE] has made Chernobyl for us, he is a fantastic author and director. What I saw, looks astonishingly, so I’m very excited.” _

Bloy’s confidence does not always come from. Next to Craig Mazin also wrote Neil PrintMan , Creative Director of the Video Game The Last of Us at Naughty Dog, the script for the series project. In general, the series has gathered a solid series of talents.

Stars like Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) will be seen as the main characters Joel and Ellie. Look here the first picture of the two of the filming.

Also included in The Last of Us Anna Torv (fringe – borderlings of the FBI), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Nico Parker (Dumbo) and Gabriel Luna * * (Marvel’s Agents of Shield) as Joels Brother Tommy . The synchronizer Merle Dandridge will resume your role from the games and play the leader of Fireflies Marlene **.

What’s in the last-of-US series

The Last of Us is based on the award-winning video game of the developer studio Naughty Dog . The story plays 20 years after the modern civilization was destroyed by a deadly virus.

Joel is a hardened survivor and is hired Ellie , a 14-year-old girl from a quarantine zone to smuggle to the Fireflies, an organization looking for remedies. What begins as a small job becomes for both for a brutal and heartbreaking trip , in which they will be dependent on each other, to survive.

The Last of Us (PS4) - Full Game - No Commentary

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Source: Deadline

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