Tactical shooter “ Rainbow Six Sease ” which rushes in the seventh year. In the early 7th season 1 “Demon Veil”, the appearance of the third Japanese operator “AZAMI” and the implementation of the team death match that can be played casually. In this paper, we will experience some of the new elements and report their patterns. In addition, the number of gadgets and specifications may differ from implementation when the number of gadgets and specifications are implemented in the live server. Please note.

# Defense climbing holes “KIBA barrier”

The Japanese operator “AZAMI” following Hibana and Echo is the defense operator of Speed ​​2 and Armor 2. The weapon you possess has the same SMG “9×19 VSN” (equality site only) as Kapkan, the same full auto SG “ACD12” (1.5 times site or equal double site), “D-50 for Side arm” (Desert Eagle). Subgadgets can be selected from barbed wire and impact grenades.

His unique ability is a throwing gadget called “KIBA barrier”. As with Lesion and WAMAI gadgets, up to 5 recharge expressions can be held. KIBA barrier sticks to walls and floors, etc., and emits gas that produces a broad-elastic barrier. A barrier is generated in a few seconds from the stabbed place and can create a simple wall. For example, if you throw a part of the door to the edge of the door, you can block the radiation by throwing it to a place where the attacker is hard breach.

In order to destroy the generated barrier, it is possible not only to explosives such as flag grenade and Gonne-6, but also for bleaching charge and Kali’s low-speed explosive lance, and it is possible to break even 3 murres (close attacks) I can do it. For bulletproof specifications, no bullets can be used even with KALI’s main arm. You can install Ying’s Candela and Fuze Clustering Charge, and you can destroy the gadget on the defense side if it is after the first injection.

Although the attack side is easy to make me rare, the effect is not exerted, but the scene where you want to destroy the radiation and the enemy can not only exert a huge effect by installing multiple images in a place where the enemy is difficult to make? In terms of creating and peaking positions, it will be a gadget that will be stronger than the map and gadget research. It is a powerful gadget that strengthens the defense part, such as closing the drone mouth.

Attacker Repings Implementation

At the same time as the addition of such a powerful defense operator, the attack side is also given the width of selection. That is the “Operator Relocation” system. This means that the attacking side can change the operator and loadout during the preparation phase. Along with this, the interface is also partially renovated.

This makes it possible to recycle the strategy with the information obtained during the preparation phase, and the importance of drawing will increase. Quick Match, Unrank, implemented to rank.

# Waiting Team Death Match

And, the team death match that many players were waiting appeared to the live server. A must-see for the Meim adjustment before ranking and practicing the recoil, but also a casual person who wants to play this work casually. Map is three of Theme Park Villa Fabella. There is a limit time for 5 minutes, but it will end when either team reaches 75 kills. In addition, all indoor respanes and leaving outdoors will die in 10 seconds.

Team Death Matches basically all operators and weapons are available, but they can not use shield operator (MONTAGE, BLITZ) and Fuze’s baristic shield. Of course there is no ability to have an ability, and the sub gadget is equipped with only one impact grenade. Operator duplication is also possible.

In the preceding trial where the media and part parties gathered, I made a team death match with a custom match, but who said, KALI’s SR and Bosg. 12.2 (double barrel SG such as DOKKAEBI) is tied up and enjoyable with chaos Yes (It is most difficult to collect 10 people).

# Operator adjustment

GOYO changes. “Volcan Shield” has been reborn in a mounted gadget “Volcan canister”. While shooting a red part, the flame burning spreads does not change before, but the flame burning time has long been. At the time of TTS, the more combustion continues for 20 seconds, and the number of possessions is four. It is likely to be expected to earn a lot of time.

Also, the loss of camera signals that have been scheduled for Y6S4 are also implemented in Y7S1. As a result, if you install a camera-based gadget such as Valkyrie’s Black Eye, Maestro Ever Eye, a bullet-bulleted camera, the signal will be lost after 10 seconds and can not be used.

Equal Site All Release

Almost all weapons will be able to choose freely from all equalization sites. So far, equal double site could only be used for limited ones, but this is abolished. From the Site of Spait Naz, it can be equipped to a holosite such as P10 Roni. IANA’s G36C is finally equipped with ordinary holosite. Also, Clash’s sub-weapons SPSMG9 also installed various sites.

# New map appears in the mid season

Map reworks have been made for a long time, but this time the full new map “Emerald Plains” will appear. Ireland’s map of the stage is available from European classical gesting areas to modern areas. Note that this map is scheduled to be implemented in the middle of the season (no implementation in TTS for this media / influencer).

# Match replay can be made even on console

Match re-play functions implemented only for PC versions have been released in console versions. It can be saved up to 12 matches, and can not be done with controller operations.

This is the content scheduled to be implemented in Y7S1. Operators that greatly affect defense strategies and attacker repings are looking forward to what to do in the game. In addition, team death match implementation will make it easier to warm up and be casual.

“Rainbow Six Seed” is on sale for PlayStation5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC. The roadmap of ear 7 who is anxious is also planning to announce tomorrow.