CD project have been published as previously announced patch 1.5 for cyberpunk 2077, which at the same time includes the free upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S . But not enough, it will give it a playable demo of the action-rpg and whoever slopes on the load gene, for those or those there is still a not quite pleasing message: not all new content will find their way in the future On PS4 and Xbox One.

When will patch 1.5? The patch is currently rolled out. According to the first reports via Twitter, you have to adjust to a 41GB big download, provided you have the current version 1.3.1 installed. Do not you have the game on the plate, you can download the corresponding native version directly from the stores.

Info for PS5: You have currently installed the PS4 version, you have to uninstall this and completely download the PS5 version.

That is in the Next-Gen upgrade

Below you will find all the innovations that are exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, which are previously promised NEXT gene upgrade:

Graphics Modes:

  • Performance mode: 60fps, dynamic 4k (PS5 / X)
  • RayTracing mode: 30FPS, Dynamic 4K (PS5 / X)
  • Xbox Series S: **** 30fps, dynamic 1440p

Technical improvements:

  • Performance improvements
  • Balanced hdr
  • Faster charging times
  • Various optics upgrades

Only PS5:

  • Improved Haptic Feedback
  • Integration of the adaptive triggers
  • Integration of the DUALSESEE truss spokes

New Secrets: In addition, according to developers, some secrets were hidden in Night City, which are included exclusively in versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S due to technical limits. The Current gene will also improve crowd management. Means people now do not just respond to your behavior, crowds are also improved.

First gameplay from the Current Gene version (Xbox Series X) you can watch here:

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The most important improvements from patch 1.5

The list of full patch notes is again long, very long. So that you have the most important innovations in view, we have summarized them here for you. As already in patch 1.3, bugs were also resolved and screwed on stability. You can watch the full list on the official site of CD project Red.


  • Buy and customize four apartments
  • Apartment activities for buffs (coffee cooking, sleeping etc.)
  • The exterior of V can be adjusted in the mirror
  • Improved driving behavior / traffic

  • Vehicles now cheaper
  • New comfort options for the map
  • Loot was drastically reduced
  • Improved weather system
  • New weapons


  • Lightweight level of difficulty now something challenging
  • Cyberware can be sold at Ripperdocs
  • Ki in the fight has been optimized
  • PERK system has been completely redesigned and is completely reset for your character. You must reesture you after installing patch 1.5.
  • V can now jump through cracked glass
  • Throwing knife is no longer lost, return to the inventory after a cooldown

Cyberpunk 2077 (Next-Gen) - Before You Buy


  • Extended romances with Panam, Kerry, River and Judy
  • Holocalls can now be rotted and rejected
  • New fixer missions granting a special reward

Demo for Cyberpunk 2077 announced

How CD project also announced in the course of patch 1.5, you can immediately convince you of the condition of the Action RPG without purchase. So for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is a free demo ready for you to download you soon. Whether a demo appears for the load gene is meanwhile unknown.

Last gene versions are no longer fully supported

As can also be seen from the patch notes, all changes and extensions find their way to PS4 and Xbox ONE – which was foreseeable due to the technical limits. For the time being, only the Open World Secrets mentioned above, who wants to experience the full cyberpunk 2077 package in the future, must resort to PS5, Xbox Series X / S or PC.

How do you like the changes of patch 1.5 and how do you think about the smears regarding the load gene consoles?