The Hardware of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was launched at the end of 2020, starting the last era of the consoles. While the two systems are still difficult to obtain, both have sold enough units in the last 15 months. The Official Sales Figures of the Xbox Series X platform have been published, but Sony revealed that the PS5 sent 17.3 million units in 2021. The investigation director of Ampere, Piers Harding-Roll, estimates that they have sold 17, 1 million other units, and that the number is quite better than the combined total of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

“Microsoft finished 2021 with his family of Xbox Series devices reaching an accumulated sale of 10.3 million units,” Harding-Rolls estimated. “This is on par with the Xbox One cycle of the previous generation».

Harding-Rolls believes that the sales of Xbox Series S represented a part of these 10.3 million units due to the “unprecedented adoption of this exclusively digital device”. The Xbox Series S seemed to be easier to get along 2021, and Harding-Rolls attributes the popularity of Xbox Game Pass as part of the success of the console.

It is worth noting that Harding-Roll’s figures are just an estimate. While this number is aligned with the previous estimates we have seen from Harding-Rolls, it is lower than other estimates we have seen. Last month, Niko Partners Senior analyst Daniel Ahmed estimated that Xbox Series X and Series S had sent more than 12 million units around the world. That figure was based on Microsoft’s statement last month that qualified Xbox Series X as the fastest sales console in history. Whatever the real number, PS5 is surpassing the system. However, Harding-Rolls believes that the global semiconductor scarcity is making PS5 sales smaller than they could be.

“At this initial stage, the boost of global sales has it, but you will feel frustrated because its potential has been undermined by the availability of the product,” Harding-Roll said.

It will be interesting to see if the scarcity improves this year and what impact it could have on Sony and Microsoft console sales. If the scarcity continues until well entered 2022, it could even take some players to opt for buying a different console than originally. For now, we will only have to wait and see how things are developed!

Xbox Series X|S vs PS5 Console Sales Are Very Close

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