Level Infinite was developed in Tencent San Aurora Studios and released a CBT (Close Beta Test) schedule for Mobile MMORPG ‘Wannie Memo M’, which is scheduled for its service.

‘Wannyeong Moon M’ boasts a high-quality graphics, a high-quality graphics, which surpasses a vast field and movie, with a high-quality graphics, developed based on the original novel ‘Wi-akleness’ IP of the Roller Writer.

In particular, PC MMORPG ‘Wannyeongwon’ is inherited by the game performance, and it is possible to play with a highly freedom of freedom, such as cooking, fishing, housing, and freight transportation, and is under development as a graphical quality upgraded to a fine texture representation.

The customizing system can also select about 600 faces, and you can create a character full of your own personality.

This CBT will recruit participants in a first-come, first-served basis, and will be held for 9 days from 6 to 14th. From March 4 to Seamless Connection, you can download Android versions and PC versions in the Naver official lounge and official homepage.

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In addition, users who connect to the game during the CBT period shall pay a richest game compensation daily, and the survey participants will present the “Bishop Drum”, which is available from formal services to the official service.

In addition, I am proud of the cm / dyeing during the CBT period, Find CM 10,000, CBT Choi Kang-gu, CBT, CBT, etc., will pay a variety of events, such as the Great Gift Card, Chicken Gifticon, Widescent Mag Goods Set, etc.

On the other hand, “Wannyeong Moon M” is currently in advance, and the participant’s power offers one of the legendary colleagues, a legendary colleague, and the West, It is also going to provide a sheep decoration.