Microsoft has announced the title that will be added today and soon to the game subscription service “ Xbox (PC) GAME PASS “.

The lineup published this time is the high-rated title by Square Enix, such as “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII”, and the Belt Scroll RPG Adventure, which has just announced the delivery date the other day, “Young Souls” It contains.

# Title added today

  • “FAR: CHANGING TIDES” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Microsoft Flight Simulator” (only for clouds)

# Title to be added March 3

  • “Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII” (Xbox, PC for PC)

# Title to be added March 10

  • “Kentucky Route Zero” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

  • “Lawn Mowing Simulator” (compatible with Xbox One)

  • “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Young Souls” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

# Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Special Offer (DLC)

  • “EA SPORTS UFC 4: Fighter and Customization Bundle” (compatible with Xbox)


  • “Century: Age of Ashes: Hjørrani Savannah Bundle” (Xbox, PC compatible)

# Title scheduled for distribution (all ends on March 15)

  • “NIER: AUTOMATA” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Dog dog (PHOGS!)” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Torchlight III” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

  • “The Surge 2” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

“Xbox Game Pass” corresponding to the Xbox console or PC can be joined from 850 yen a month. “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” supported by PC, Xbox Console, and Cloud is available for 1,100 yen per month.