On March 15, 2022 Grand Theft Auto V appears for the current console generation. Before the gates from Los Santos also open on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Rockstar Games announced information about migrating the progress from the story or the online characters.

Rockstar Games will therefore offer players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 once a one-time migration, where your progress from the story and your GTA characters can be transferred to Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 or between the console platforms.

The transfer can already be made immediately. To do this, you have to upload a store level in the Rockstar Games Social Club. The process can be triggered via the pause menu and the “Games” tab. You can save only one score per platform. This will be available for download 90 days.

If your Grand Theft Auto V starts on the new console from 15 March, you can transfer your GTA online character progress to Xbox Series X | S or PlayStation 5 with a Rockstar Games Social Club Account. This process migrates characters, GTA, progress, statistics, vehicles, properties, weapons, clothing and players created by the player.

At the GTA $ you should note that only purchased GTA $ can be transferred between platforms of the same family. So from Xbox One to Xbox Series X | S or PS4 to PS5. That does not apply to GTA $. These will be transmitted independently.

GTA V Transfer Story Mode Progress and GTA Online Profile Migration Info via PS5 Xbox Series X|S
Digital pre-orders and the pre-load of Grand Theft Auto V starts on 08 March 2022. The trading version is only available in April 2022.