One factor to succeed as a Twitch Streamer is, among other things, as possible to stream as possible. Smaller, but even the most successful streamers like Asmongold go to their boundaries and can be kept and their environment is negotiated, as Asmongold’s Room Tour of his streaming room from 2019 .

The grind on Twitch will sometimes go too much and so Streamer like Dr Lupo or Timthatessman with a more relaxed streaming contract on YouTube quasi in the streamer pension. Youtuber and ex-Twitch Streamer Ludwig recently explained in a podcast What’s the difference between Twitch Streamers and Youtubern and why Twitch Streamer can slip out.

Shadow side vs silicon valley

“Twitch Streamer Life Quasi on the Shadow Page. They are barely able to survive as people” , Ludwig recently claimed during a podcast with the influencers Colin and Samir. “ Half of them orders every single meal with Uber Eats . You never pay one of your bills . Taxes are something you just do not think . And I was the same, I’m slipped “Gave the streaming star.

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“Youtuber are very different, they are well organized, similar to, for example, people from the Silicon Valley – Twitch Streamer Pushen to 150, 200, 250, 300 hours a month , which is absurd. That’s * like a double working week only by streaming *. “

And when do you make the laundry for example?

When will it stay for cooking, doing laundry and other important things of life? The podcasters are in agreement: “The answer is never.” The pressure on the streamer is big and some seemingly real toggle contracts for which you have to stream a certain number of hours a month .

In the past, streamers like League-of-Legends-Star Tyler1 admitted that his 200-hour contract calls for his tribute and can think about stopping it . The addressed Asmongold also has taken a break in the past year . Personal problems and too high right to its stream content was the problem.

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How Ludwig Became The Biggest Twitch Streamer…Then Left For Youtube

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