The Alola season is going on in Pokémon go and that means not only spawns in the wild, but also the events that align a bit at tropical Alola adventure. For example, it is with the Community Day in March 2022 with Sandan and Alola-Sandan . So it is so again it will be the event Welcome to Alola and also to the jungle adventure. The following is an overview of the Pokémon Go Events in March 2022nd

Fundamentals of Alola Season

With the Alola season can be found in Pokémon Go increasingly Alola Bag Monster:


  • From Raids: Kapu-Riki and Wuffels

  • In the wild: Bauz, Flamiau, robball, Peppeck, Mangunior, Curelei, Miniras
  • About developments: Arboretoss, Silvarro, Miezunder, Fuegro, Marikeck, Primarene, Trompeck, Tukanon, Manguspektor, Wolwerock (tagform) Wolwerock (night Type) Mediras, Grandiras
  • For eggs: Mangunior, Peppeck, Bauz, Flamiau, robball, Wuffels, Miniras

In addition, the following bonuses are active:

  • In addition, increased smoke-effectiveness while walking
  • Increased damage by their own Pokémon in remote raid fights
  • Guaranteed gifts by rotating PokéStops
  • Up to two free Raid passes per day for turning the photo slices of Arenas
  • Smoke holds 90 minutes long
  • You can on the Alola season away five special research done: Special Research for Island Mele Mele, special research on the island Akala, special research to the island Ula-Ula, special research on the island of Poni and a special research at the end of the season.

1. March 2022: Welcome to Alola

Since March 1, 2022, and until March 9, 2022 you have to find enough opportunities in the wild Pokémon the 7th generation of the start events for Alola season in the frame. All details Pokémon-go event Welcome to Alola’s in the Guide .

13. March 2022: Community Day with Sandan and Alola-Sandan

On 13 March 2022 a lot of Sandan romp between 11:00 and 17:00 in the wilderness. To hatch eggs four times faster than usual. All information can be found in the Guide !

15. March 2022: Color Festival

What exactly awaits us in color festival that we do not know. But at least it is known that it will be active from March 15 to March 20, the 2,022th

22. March 2022: Fancy jungle

Nor is it known what to expect at the event, which we will deliver a system modeled on Alola jungle adventure. At the same time the way, is not yet known which Pokémon will spawn in the Tier 5 raid – a fox who it suspects a connection. As is available on top of the special research on the island Akala you should have to be Kapu-Fala.

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