The Xbox Series X does not have many advantages over PS5, largely because the two consoles are equivalent in terms of hardware. The Xbox Series X has more gross power, but PlayStation will argue that this difference is not as important as the difference between the SSD of the two consoles, where the PS5 easily exceeds the Xbox Series X. The point is that the two consoles are Much more similar than not, which means that small things can be great differences. If the consoles were not so similar, a characteristic as a quick summary may not be very remarkable, but because the two consoles are so similar, Quick summarizes from Xbox Series X stands out as a great advantage. It is a popular and truly “next generation” characteristic, and is about to improve.

At this time, there is a new function in the tests that has been made available to the Xbox Insider users that allows you to anchor up to two games in Quick summarizes to stay there forever, no matter how many games start after them. Unless they are eliminated manually, they will never go until the game is updated.

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In addition to this, fans have requested the possibility of deactivating Quick Resume. Xbox has not confirmed that this feature is in process, but Xbox Jason Ronald seemed to joke, and pointed out that Xbox is “working on a series of improvements in Quick summarizes to give players more options based on the comments.” In addition to this, Ronald mocks the Xbox players should “be attentive,” which indicates that the news about these improvements are not far away. That said, for now, this is all we have.

The Xbox Series X is available worldwide for $ 500. Unfortunately, it is still quite hard to find, much less to buy. Alternatively, the Xbox Series S of $ 300 is much easier to find and also has Quick Resume. For more Xbox coverage, not just the latest at Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but also the latest in Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass, click here.