Matthias Sammer has sought the Spanish star trainer Pep Guardiola and named his big weakness at the same time.

“Guardiola is destined for the most important pulser for the football of the present. Although his ball-owned match is also confident, but as far as position changes are concerned, since it is awesome,” said the 54-year-old of the “Frankfurter general Sunday newspaper”, “but in Munich it is not succeeded in activating the last two percent. “

Sammer, who deployed to Guardiola’s time as a Bayern coach from 2013 to 2016 as a trainer Peps director at the record champion, criticized that Guardiola has taken independence due to its own genius of the team.

Ottmar Hitzfeld persönlich by Claudia Lässer
“Pep was always right with his analyzes, his measures have almost always been as planned as planned. As a result, the team has set a bit of one’s own thinking,” Sammer said, who since 2018 at the League Rivals Borussia Dortmund as an external consultant Funged, “At the end of this fantastic process, he did not grow the team so that they could go the last steps on the way alone.”

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Sammer also sees a reason why Guardiola did not win the Champions League as a coach of Manchester City – in contrast to Ottmar Hitzfeld and Jupp Heynckes, with which Bavaria won the royal class 2001 and 2013: “The great secret of leaders like Ottmar Hitzfeld or Jupp Heynckes was that they have enabled teams for this form of self-employment. “