Already released on PC after a period of Early Access_ then on Switch Next, Curious Expedition 2 will finally arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on March 17th. The DLC HIGHLANDS OF AVALON will be made available on the same day on all consoles.

It is therefore a little over a year after the start of the game in Early Access_ and six months after its marketing on the eshop of the switch that Curious Expedition 2 will make its first steps on the Sony machines and Microsoft (like eldest, which is always available on multiple platforms). The opportunity for a new audience to discover the concept of the Independent Studio Maschinen-Mensch, which gave it for the occasion of new light clothes and a clear line that is reminiscent of certain pillars of the Franco-Belgian BD.

The masterpiece: you chair for the destiny of a group of explorers of a nineteenth century stamped Jules Verne, launched in an unknown earth adventure. The whole rhythmous by a procedural generation of environments and events, and a combat system based on a die game. The better, it’s still going to read the Pipomantis test to seize what it returns. And then take a look at this new trailer in addition.

Curious Expedition 2 Review - Is It Worth Your Time?

Curious Expedition 2 – Coming Soon Console Trailer

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