Aureola comes to Paramount + by the end of this month, but the Xbox series fans can see the first two episodes in the cinemas a few hours before the official debut of the program. Special projections are part of a collaboration between Collider and Alamo Drafthouse, which will house the event on March 23 in Los Angeles, the city of New York, Denver and Austin. After the two episodes, attendees will also be able to see a question and answers session with aureola cast and producers. The Chief Editor of Collider, Steven Weintraub, will give tickets for the event from Friday, March 11 and will collect the names of the possible winners during the following days.

The Weintraub Tweet that announces the event can be found embedded below.

Unfortunately, Weintraub did not offer more details about how tickets will be awarded, but stakeholders interested in participating must follow their Twitter account and be attentive on Friday morning. Aureola will debut in Paramount + March 24, so fanatics who do not have the opportunity to attend the event will not have to wait much more to see the program for themselves. However, for the stormed fanatics of halo, the event should be a great way to see the first two episodes!

Given the popularity of Halo for the past 20 years, fans are anxious to see how adaptation is. The Halo Video Game Developer, 343 Industries, is very involved in the production of the program, which could result in a faithful product. However, game fans should bear in mind that the series will take place in a separate universe. 343 Industries refers to the continuity of the program as the “silver timeline”, and will retain a series of family elements, while diverting from the source material from certain ways. The developer has already mocked that this will allow producers to extract elements from the expanded universe before, and it will be interesting to see how fans react to these changes. Fortunately, we do not have much more to wait to find out!

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+

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