Popular Twitch Streamer are now viewed by thousands of people. Sizes such as Asmongold, XQC, and Hasan create it every month again to be included in the list of ten most-sighted streamers.

Who are the most watched Twitch Streamer in February 2022?

The list of most watched streamer leads in February 2022 of the Streamer Fextralife. This is not often found in the top 10, but its very popular streams to Smilegates MMORPG Lost Ark have catapulted him to the top this time. A big factor here is probably the twitch drops to the MMO.

The remaining top 3 is completed with the well-known streamers XQC and Asmongold, Ironmouse secured the ninth place through their imposing subath. At the bottom of the list is the extremely popular League-of-Legends Streamer Tyler 1, which could also secure the tenth place last month.

Incidentally, the highest number of simultaneous spectators have the Streamer Ibai with an audience of 539,286 people. Through its a total of 100 steamed hours, however, the streamer is only on fifth place. The entire list of February 2022 and previous months was quite familiar by the Dexerto page. A more recent listing can be found on the page of TwitchTracker.

In other interesting news about all your favorite streamer, regrets Shroud, Lost Ark installed. The Twitch Streamer Stpeach was banned for a short time from the platform due to one of its cosplays to Cammy from Street Fighter V, and Twitch Streamer will in future receive a kind basic income in the future to have a little more financial security.

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