Although the new Xbox-Series consoles are on the market for one and a half years, yet Microsoft could already work on the successor or improved version. This suggests at least a new Codenamen Leak, which currently ensures a sensation in the network. But is that really realistic?

XBox-leak shows unknown codenames

Before new Xbox consoles are officially announced, Microsoft often uses codenames for the devices internally. The Xbox One wore the code name Durango, the One X was called Project Scorpio and the Xbox Series X company under the name Scarlett.

The Leaker Tero Albayon has now discovered another Xbox code name in a non-specified document, which has previously unknown: Xbox Keyst1.

Does Microsoft really work on a successor to the Xbox Series X | S? Is it perhaps an improved version with even more hardware performance? Or is something else behind it?

Currently the information is rar sown. Away from the code name, there is no tangible information about the leak . Well possible, that this is not a real console at the new Xbox product.

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_Alle important information about the Xbox Series X | S Let’s summarize for you in the video: _

Instead of new Xbox perhaps only the stream box?

We assume that the new Xbox product is not a successor to the Series consoles. In fact, another assumption is closer. Because in the summer of last year rumors and Leaks made the round, which suggested that Microsoft could work on a “Xbox Stream Box”.


Xbox Keystone
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Gregor Elswood

The device is a small set-top box , which is approximately as large as a pack of playing cards, which is intended exclusively for the benefit of apps and for cloud gaming via Xcloud. Microsoft had not been expressed at the leak at that time and has not lost any further word since then. Whether the device will appear at all, remains to be seen.