In the perspective of the player, the headset is the device with the highest value. The main purpose of this is to buy’s order to increase the odds. We hear the sound more clearly and accurately understand the other’s position and threatening technologies such as information and take appropriate action. Doegoyo including strategic element in communication with the micro-team over the headset. That’s not, much richer than the desired sound speakers and hammered hit by concentrating ear?

On the contrary, that one hesitates days to buy are not so many. Handageona occupy the spacious desk in place, eopjyo hardly know you need a good performance hardware separately to use it on a power consumption. Oh, 486586, except for extreme situations, just, uh, this year too old writes a computer, such as a computer. Eventually I consider the best interest of the consumers ‘well-naeneunga to catch what you mean?’

Myeongga gaming gear SteelSeries has reflected as much as possible the needs of these consumers, among gamers to create a product for hard-core gamers. Collectively, the “key Mahe ‘, in addition to referring to the keyboard, mouse, headset Accessories is a company which specializes in producing mouse pads. Numerous lineup of “Aktis” haedeuril introduced today can be called the best, and the old and popular, linking the H-Series line-up and Siberia, which is the existence of a series of steel in the steel body Series.

Aktis Series concise naming. The numbers were usually held after the series, a family of simplifying features are classified as a low number, such as 1, 3. Conversely, a higher number, such as 7, 9 mean the Premium Suite. Also, considering the variety of wireless gamers with the latest trends, P (PS5), X (Xbox) series put out early.

And last month launched a new series still Aktis 7+ wireless, battery performance has increased compared to the previous model, charging through the USB-C port that supports high-speed charging to allow about three hours to 15 minutes of charging It has been improved. I saw an old Aktis 7, albeit with a short, the point was the passage dwaetdaneun personally pin 5 is changed to a C-type lifting mind too.

In addition, not only PC gamers PS5 / 4 (PlayStation), Android (Android), Nintendo switch (Switch), is also attractive, which has a multi-system compatibility, that is compatible with Mac (Mac). New Shining Aktis series won multiple awards is indeed whether, let’s look through this review.

■ Product specifications and appearance

  • Steel Series ARCTIS 7+ wireless headset

  • connection: wireless / 2.4GHz connection

  • unit size and impedance: 40mm / 32 ohms

  • Frequency Response: 20 – 22,000Hz

  • Microphone Frequency response: 100 – 6,500Hz

  • and impedance pattern microphone two-way / folding

  • Sound Pressure Level: 98dBSPL / mW at 1kHz

Size * : 215 x 210 x 490 (mm), 298g

  • radio range: 2.4GHz / up to 12 m

  • Working hours: 30 hours +

SteelSeries Arctis 7 - The Almost Perfect Wireless Headset!

The exterior is a dark gray headband shine to the overall black color. The overall interface is similar to its predecessor, it does not deviate from the framework of arc tooth Series. Whether due to the band’s style goggles that can be called a representative of arc tooth Series Gaming Headset and the other two are also different mulssin will bury sporty. Especially in the winter.

To quote a review of K Reporter played a try-on, not the headset base size increases slightly loose wotjiman elastic band thanks to the head with a steel head frame in contact with the piece that you use for a long time. It is strictly based on women, slightly different from those of low-males. The reporter was used to adjust the length with the Velcro headband. Like the great journalist who heads we will need extra attention to adjust the size.

■ capable of a wide variety of platforms and connect steel series Aktis 7 +

Steel Series Aktis 7+ is capable of ultra-low-latency lossless 2.4 GHz wireless connection also serves as the wired headset. If the power button for about 3 seconds will beep LED lights up. Depending on LED color or a light-emitting period can gauge the headset battery. 100-50% are green, yellow is 49-20%, 19-10% red rapidly emitting red, and finally indicates that the battery needs charging status of less than 10%.

In addition, over the USB-C-type wireless dongle it enables wireless use, and basically made the dongle and headset are paired. Mike unused during folding, the dwaeteumyeo designed to be housed inside the headset, you can use pull it if necessary. This microphone is bent flexibly it will keep away from touch or get close to regulation in the mouth.

■ freely within the output and input! SteelSeries GG + Sonar

Software downloads related to earlier was followed by a cup of photos attached to a part do you remember? The Steel series is about the time The new Sonar (Sonar) official software and GG. Chat mix (ChatMix),, it could have been added to the virtual 7.1 surround sound, early access to GG in the Steel Series support and EQ settings.

You can adjust the frequency range of the headset supports free and is generally used as a preset ganpyeonhi basic settings. In addition, optimization to the counter strike global offensive, apex legend, Call of Duty wojon, port nitro, League of Legends, halo infinite, the split gate, Dota 2, Forza Horizon 5, GTA5, Minecraft, on a block-by-block switch, Destiny 2 Games the setting method will also be built so can be changed depending on the tastes particular game amplify or reduce the sound inside.

Not only that, I’m available to produce the appropriate chat or broadcast situations. Broadcast (broadcasting), Clarity (sharp), Deepvoice (bass), Balanced (balance), Walkietalkie (walkie-talkie), Less nasal (nasal drops) settings or Pitch (input rate) do to be adjusted differently for a microphone in a variety of situations can you use. After setting change recording microphone inputs it makes it easy to understand the settings back and forth.

■ Next-generation audio software Sonar equipped with complete, ready to scramble Aktis 7+

Long time not watching the news with about four hours of Steel Series Aktis 7+ was not a major problem in the fit. However, I felt a little hassle to multiple headsets and headset differently adjustable. There adjustable Velcro ties to one person familiar with the ‘Velcro’ to adjust the headband style design of ski goggles to increase the length or decrease, is expected to become better for those who continued to use the headset with a single control.

This Aktis exists as a symbol and also because of the family premium, unless another line of SteelSeries headsets andeogunyo think rirago do not like the design changed. Design is also true. Well, but that Moreau is enough, even if you go just nice Seoul.

In the listening part Aktis unique signature sound of deep bass sounds (bass) was a gem in the game. Right after you dial mounted on the bottom of the cup can Ido real-time chat and game sound balance control during gaming. When you turn the dial toward game machine shaped game balance is further amplified, adjust toward the opposite can I focus more on the chat.

Furthermore, EQ settings and 7.1 virtual surround sound to listen to the sound output in a three-dimensional, or plug in the viscosity advantage hydrogen or (Sonar) to be different from a configuration to fit in the current specific sound amplification or chat of play are games, broadcast type environment He said just enjoy the platform for all those who often compete based on the genre of PC games like Aktis 7+ wireless headset.