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According to Liz Hamren, Microsoft Vice President, the Xbox Series S has been a success for new players. Apparently, the Xbox Series X has been a great success with existing Xbox One owners, but the Xbox Series s brought tons of new players into the Xbox ecosystem. The successful launch of the console also means that 70% of Xbox Series X / S console owners are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate fills the ditch between the current and the next generation, bringing its library to Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC and Mobile.

Liz Hamren recently viewed an official blog article on Xbox to express his enthusiasm for the successful launch of the Xbox Series X / S, claiming that she had sold more new consoles “than any previous generation, Xbox Series S adding the highest percentage of new players. For any Xbox console at launch. More games played, 3594 in total, on four generations, setting a record for the highest number of games never played when launching a console Xbox. 70% of the X series | Consoles are attached to the new and existing Xbox members passes game “.

“We know that everyone could not get an Xbox Series X / S immediately and we work tirelessly with our partners around the world to offer as many consoles as possible over time and encourage you to register With your local retailers directly for more details on availability in your market “, continued Liz Hamrén. “Your early reaction and your enthusiasm for the next generation of XBox make us grateful and motivated to continue building the future of the game with you. On behalf of the Xbox team: thank you. »

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