The Xbox Series X and her little sister XBox Series S are still not nationwide due to the lack of semiconductor chips, there are rumors to a new Xbox model. On Twitter, a leader named Tero Alhonen published a list of code names of former Xbox consoles.

What is so special? Directly under the Xbox Scarlett, which was later brought to the market later as Xbox Series X / S, is a completely new Codename, which does not fit the Xbox published so far. Now there are the wildest speculation about what the new code name could be.

New Xbox model in making

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What could it act? “Xbox Keystone” is not yet published Xbox product. Possible would be a new edition with better components, similar to the PS5 the case. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer already explained last year that we should not expect a new model so fast.

Everything important about the current console models of the Xbox Series X / S can be found on Tero Alhonen:

So it does not necessarily have to act a new console model, other possibilities would be:

  • Xcloud service
  • Elite Controller 3
  • Xbox Series X without drive
  • Xbox headset in high price segment

What will not be? We can assume that the Xbox Keystone will not be a new Xbox generation. The Xbox Series X / S is just a little over a year old and not everyone interesting had the opportunity to get one of the consoles.

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Welcome, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S!


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leaker is not unknown

Where does the source have this information? Unfortunately, the leader does not give any further information price. So we do not know where he has the list of what truthfulness has this list. According to comicbook, the leader has had the right pier in the past in relation to Microsoft Leaks, but whether he is right in this case, remains to be seen.

Accordingly, we should enjoy the message with caution. Especially with the background that we do not know what is Xbox Keystone, we should not make you too much hopes for a new console.

What do you think: What could be behind Xbox Keystone?