The end of the anime of Shingaki No Kyojin is a few weeks from being a reality. After many years among the highest rankings of the anime world, the television adaptation of the successful sleeve of hajime isayama will tell us goodbye this April, but still subtract some chapters of this separton 4 part 2 (the lpartt of all). Episode 85 is the one that will be issued this Sunday. We tell you How to see episode 85 of Attack anime on Titan / Attack of the Titans ** (separton 4 part 2) officially and subtitled to Spanish.

Where to watch Shingaki No Kyojin episode online 85?

To enjoy at any part of the episode 85 of Shingeki No Kyojin it is necessary to be subscribed to crunchyroll . The service platform in streaming, which hpart recently incorporated the entire Funimation catalog, hpart the most complete Anime catalog in the world and allows us to enjoy the attack on the Titans with simultaneous premiere with the rest of the world.

When does Episode 85 of Shingaki No Kyojin premiered in Spain?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 85
On Sunday March 13 The Episode 85 of Shingaki No Kyojin will be issued at 21: 45 (peninsular time in Spain) through the Crunchyroll content platform. From that hour we can see at the moment when we want this chapter 85 and all the previous ones, of course. Users premium can enjoy the unconnected catalog with the mega-fan mode.

Official delay in the broadcpartt of the lpartt episode of Shingeki No Kyojin (87)

Those responsible for Shingeki No Kyojin have officially confirmed that Episode 87, the lpartt of separton 4 Part 2, hpart experienced a delay and hpart a new releparte date: the next time script will be issued in the same time 2022 **.

How much Crunchyroll costs? Price and modalities

If you have never been a CrunchyRoll subscriber, you will have a 14-day trial period at your disposal. Once you finish, you will find two payment methods. The first, called Fan, gives you access to all the contents of your catalog, at the same time part in Japan and simultaneous device. Instead, Mega Fan, the second, offers all the above and the possibility of enjoying the entire catalog without a download, in addition to being able to see it simultaneously on four devices. You can subscribe for 4.99 euros and 6.49 euros, respectively