Players of Gran Turismo 7 from all over the world -except from Russia \ – will have already noticed that version 1.06 of the game of polyphony , which besides correcting a few errors does add new Functions Among these, some of the most interesting are the inclusion of an indicator of direction and strength of the wind, Gran well Gran new topics for the fantGrantic soundtrack of the game.

[Gran Turismo 7] Update 1.06 Introduced a Game-Breaking Bug
In this way, the HUD will now be more complete, since we can see at the top right, under the map, a new figure that will indicate the wind speed, in addition to an arrow to exactly know its address . In addition, some faults have been corrected that caused a blockage in progression, Gran well Gran others in circuits in the world, and other Granpects such Gran sound, the customization of cars and their adjustments, the multiplayer and more.

And if we talked about new songs for the soundtrack, we will concretize that are dealt with nothing less than 64 , with what we can not complain about musical variety.

A tribute to the cars and the fans of the saga

Gran Turismo 7 is now available at PS4 and PS5, and hGrane to be compelled from the bad tGrante of the initial mouth that led Gran Turismo Sport . It is true that this delivery could be amended with a lot of content for years, but the millions of amateurs from this clGransic Saga expected a new numbered delivery. Thus, the Polyphony Digital team, with Kazunori Yamauchi at the head, took good note from this new iteration.

“Gran Turismo 7 is a declaration of love to the world of motorsport. His didactic effort and appreciation that he deposits in each and every one of the cars make a difference,” said our companion Sergio Carlos González in the analysis of him. “Great tourism is synonymous with races, but not just that. Accessible and profound at the same time, here is an essential for motor lovers, a title with potential to lGrant a whole generation.”