Thanks to steadily growing challenges, you quickly climb the head of success in the football oolymp in Goalunited Legends, assuming you choose the right list and a good shopping strategy. Through an imposing stadium with numerous training opportunities, you get the necessary respect in trainer trips and blew by your enhanced income still the necessary change for the next top stars in your team!

The fight for the coveted trophy

Weekly you can complete free friendship, trophy and league games. Become a member of the organizer of large tournaments and invite your friends and colleagues to online kick! Evidence that you have a lucky hand in player selection and the right rier for upcoming young talents! Thanks to a variety of setting options, you can decide for yourself how long your way as a manager should take to the title and the cup. Goalunited Legends is already successfully playable with little time, the innovative graphics support the complex gaming experience and easy to use.

Versatile ascent possibilities

Numerous game modes provide extra variety on online kick. In Goalunited Legends Have you as a sought-after coach, many promotion opportunities and with a little action skill and economic thinking you will definitely bring it at the top of the football world. If you know a little in rough football business, you can manage two or even three clubs in parallel and compete with different leagues at the same time.

You can easily download and install Goalunited Legends. Miss you with thousands of managers from all over the world or games with other coaches your self-created events! Manage training, installation and transfers and lead your team to success!

Goalunited Legends

What is the Secret to Underlapping Runs in Football Manager?


Numerous expansion options

Joint transfer market

Comprehensive player statistics


Technically not up to date

3/5 stars

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