GTA 5 also appears in a Next Gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X. Finally, there are tangible information and the launch is imminent. Since the latest we also know: The Preload is already going on who pre-ordered the new version can now download GTA 5 already in the PS Store or Microsoft Store on the PS5 or Xbox. In addition, wave in Game bonuses if your character transmits.

GTA 5: Preload The Next Gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X already starts

Preload started: You can already download the new PS5 and Xbox version of GTA 5 now. The release is only on March 15, but whoever wants to be sure to get started directly, may already start the download. Whether on Xbox or PS5 plays no role, both platforms are already going on.

  • When does the Preload start? Now. You can start the download already.
  • When is GTA 5? On March 15, the PS5 and Xbox version is officially launched.

It’s about it: PS5 and Xbox Series S / X get their own, improved version of GTA 5. The looks chic thanks 60 fps, 4k and raytracing and also benefits from other features such as 3D audio and haptic feedback, For example, if you play with a dualSense Controller.

We now also know what the fun costs and how big the two versions fail:

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GTA 5:

File size & price of the next gene versions known


This brings the upgrade: Anyone who is upgrading to the current console generation can look forward to the following innovations.

  • New graphics modes
  • 4K resolution
  • Up to 60 fps
  • Improved textures

GTA 5 PS5/Xbox Series X - NEW TRAILER! Online Character Transfers, FREE Playstation Plus & MORE!
* HDR support
* Raytracing
* Faster charging times
* 3D audio

Here you can see a trailer for the Next Gen version of GTA 5 for Xbox Series S / X and PS5:

Who transfers old characters, gets in Game Gifts

Carreer Builder in GTA Online: In a post on the official Rockstar Games-Blog, the developer studio also explains how the Career Builder works in GTA online. This offers new players * inside the opportunity to start with a small lead into the online world. That is, you get a company real estate, a vehicle and a weapon as well as a whole lot GTA $ for the start.

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GTA 5 & GTA Online:

So you cross your characters on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S


In Game Bonuses for Veterans: If you take your progress and character from GTA 5 from one of the older platforms, get some gifts in the game. However, this works only within a console family, so from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series S / X. As a reward, a Karin S95, a HSW race suit and some Chameleon coatings wave.

Are you looking forward to the new version of GTA 5 or do not you want to play again and pay for it?