The block chain, the game platform player played, said on the 14th, and it has been working with Hangul and the computer (hereinafter referred to as the Hangul). The two companies will pursue a global market target NFT game project that utilizes the Hangul Hangul Temple Training Game ‘Hansom Temple’.

Mushro Legends - Play to Earn NFT Game is Coming Soon

First, Hansec is based on its own Hansk Hunmun IP based IP based on a block chain and NFT technology to develop a global new game. K-POP lyrics and Korean drama metabolism are used as mission phrases.

The play ad will be responsible for game global services and marketing through a new block chain game platform. Both companies are a policy to operate NFTs through the game, and operate NFTs acquired through the Marketplace. The game aims to launch in June, and after the release, the Homocompany’s E-Sports Competition is held.

Kim Yeon-soo, “I am moving to a variety of challenges to enter a new market for B2C targets,” he said, “he said,” I will quickly find and cooperate with partners with excellent capabilities, such as start-up and ventures, Highlighted.

Meanwhile, the play ad will provide a block chain (C2C) NFT marketplace (DAPP / DAP / DAP / DAP) game service platform and block project.

Self-issued utility token players (PLA, Fla) listed on the only global 1-second virtual asset exchange by-Korean projects and coin bass in the only global government. We have also listed on European Beats Global and Domestic Jobs, and recently released 3D Metabus Gameplay Dande in USA Roblock.