The embargo by aureola in Paramount + has risen, just over a week before the series is released. Naturally, the stormed fanatics of the Xbox series are curious to know what critics of the first two episodes of the program thought, and it seems that the reception is between positive and mixed. From what most critics say, it seems that these first episodes are made mostly for the rest of the series, which makes it difficult to have an idea of ​​how things will be developed over the next seven episodes. Some critics seem excited to see where things will go from here, while others are less interested in continuing with the series.

Halo: Series Premiere Review
While the general reception is quite average, many critics seem to have positive things to say about Paul Schreiber’s role in the series so far. Schreiber assumes the role of the star of the Master Chief series in the series. Fans are dying to see the character appear live since the launch of Halo: evolved combat in 2001, so it is a good omen that critics have said positive things about him. It is difficult to bring a dear character to the screen, and it seems that the program has done it justice one of the biggest icons of the games.

Historically, the adaptations of live action video games have been mixed in terms of quality, although it seems that things have begun to change on that forehead. The main adaptations of video games such as sonic the erzon, pokémon: detective pikachu and inexplate have proven to be a success between players and casual public alike. It remains to be seen if aureola will be equally well considered, but things seem quite promising, at this time!

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“In general, the narrative can be a bit clumsy sometimes, but to a large extent it gives in the target as the images and the general atmosphere of what it usually means to be part of the great halo franchise. That awkwardness is probably partly due to the attempt to crystallize all the things of halo in a digestible package for a much wider audience. Not everyone who sees the program will have years of experience with Master Chief, but for those who do it, only does the moments in which Schreiber is fully armored, facing elites with a much sweeter precision. “

Rating: 4 of 5

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Indiewire – Ben Travers

“The action looks more like seeing children playing with their toys than to a skillful choreography.” CINE, but the money invested in this massive production is certainly on the screen. “Halo” can well become more than a mathematical equation (“Game of Thrones” + «The Mandalorian» = “Halo”). What is not clear is if Paramount + really wants it, or if these obvious comparisons are precisely the point ».

Rating: C +

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Paste – Kevin Fox, Jr.

“As a casual fan of games, I will accept any change that ends up in making a good story. I am apprehensive by nature, but I am in love with the cast and generally impressed by the composition of the design. A lot of many expensive projects end up looking up cheap these days, but when I say it feels more like a high-level SYFY program that a low HBO program, I do not mean the production values ​​are bad, but this collaboration Between Showtime and Amblin Entertainment feel, in essence, as if they were made for people who want to visit the world of the aureola franchise. “

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The Hollywood Reporter – Daniel Fienberg

“And maybe AUREOLA the game is more exciting and specific if you have an internal list of game elements (types of weapons, good acquisitions, planetary or characters allusions) you are looking for recognizing. For those of us who do not necessarily crave or appreciate these things, Aureola has a generic history, characters with a limited participation and a clearly high special effects budget that produces respectable results without complications. In the absence of prior attachment, that is insufficient for continuous interest. “

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Variety – Caroline Framke

“Whether those who love the game” Halo “enjoy or not seeing something that makes all the decisions for them and strives to balance their violent wars with more intolest dialogues, ultimately depend on them. To make a successful television program, however, Killen and Kane (who will not be at the forefront of season 2) simply had no choice but to spend more time to the character and construction of the world. Seeing the world through an empty perspective could work for a game in which the audience has its own agency, but not for a program that requires its own point of view. In his first two episodes, “halo” still does not have that. But as another participant in the universe in constant expansion of “halo”, at least has enough ambition to be worth looking at it more closely ».

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Decisor – Kayla Cobb

“All this is to say that there are good parts for aureola, and scenes and characters that should interest new and old fans. But at least in its first two episodes, there is also room to grow. Aureola has the potential to be the great budget space epopeya and very view that wants to be. You just need to take a breath and concentrate on your story, instead of your background history, to do that. “

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ARS Technica – Sam Machkovech

“As for the generally low bar of the translations of live action games, Aureola erases it easily. But the script and the production values ​​are too inconsistent so far, and that means yes NO urges anyone with less aureola faith that I or other long-time fanatics to feel so optimistic about the remaining seven episodes. “

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Weekly entertainment – Darren Franich

«It is necessary to point out that I played three aureola games until you complete the story, and spent a few hundred hours of the mid-2000 decade in multiplayer games. This relatively moderate level of consciousness probably makes me the worst absolute demographic group of the program. History is inclined differently to canonical finishers and confused rookies, with diversionally impenetrable and explanatory dialogues. I want to emphasize that these two episodes are basically a prologue of multiple intrigues. The first season of nine episodes could be accelerated from here or reduced by Turtle Step ».

Rating: c –

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