Battlefield 2042 | Open Beta Trailer

The news regarding the release date of the beta version of Battlefield 2042 have been quite abundant lately. A little earlier this week, it has been reported that an Italian retailer may have been disclosed that the beta would take place next week. However, the famous Leaker of Battlefield 2042, Tom Henderson, revealed at a Giant Bomb Show that the long-awaited beta will act on September 22nd.

The beta version of Battlefield 2042 on September 22 is not speculation or supposition“, Henderson wrote. “_Prieve it with a pinch of fact. I am also confident that when I saw the internal trailer with my own eyes. “

Unfortunately for the fans of Battlefield 2042, Henderson did not give more details on the event, except that it is absolutely confident about the credibility of its information. He would even have proposed to give copies of the game to those who followed him on social networks if he was trusted the release date of the September 22 beta.

That said, if the data disclosed by Henderson on Battlefield 2042 are actually true, the fans of the game can expect that Dice and Electronic Arts will make more light on this issue in the coming days. For the moment, the two companies have been quite calm.

At the end of last month, the launch of Battlefield 2042’s beta version was assigned to “internal delays”, depending on the credible source of Henderson. However, the prognosticler added that delays could not mean anything for the game.

“If you have heard, there were some internal delays with Battlefield 2042 and that could explain the lack of ads on the game,” the statement read. “I do not know what these delays involve, but we think it has no effect on the exit schedule. This means that despite the delay of the beta version of Battlefield 2042 – and other related information – the game is always on the right track for an exit on October 22nd.