Overwatch has published its latest set of update notes and contains some details about the new Xbox Series X / S optimization update.

The new optimization options included choosing a “preferred mode” for graphics. The preferred mode offers players the choice to choose between three graphic presets: “Resolution”, “balanced” and “Framerate”. Each mode adjusts the video settings of the game in favor of image quality, resolution or image frequency.

Overwatch Xbox Series X Comparison [Optimized] [Resolution, Balanced, Framerate] [120fps]
Here is an overview of each of the three presets:

  • “Resolution”: This mode prefers a higher resolution output at the price of a certain image quality (series X: 4K to 60 Hz, Series S: 1440p at 60 Hz)

  • “Balanced”: This mode prefers image quality at the expense of the resolution (X series: 1440p at 60 Hz, S series: 1080p at 60 Hz)
  • “Framerate”: This mode prefers a frequency of higher images at 120 frames per second at the expense of image quality and resolution (X series: 1440p at 120 Hz, S series: 1080p at 120 Hz)

Keep in mind that you will need a TV that supports 120 Hz or VRR (Variable-Refresh-Rate) to take advantage of these features when using Framerate mode.

For the moment, we do not know if the PlayStation 5 will receive a similar update or not.

The rest of the update notes includes a rebalancing of characters, bug fixes on the map, new options for viewer mode, new workshop options and the Pachimarchi Challenge.

The Pachimarchi Challenge will take place from now until March 22 and adds a variety of event-specific unlocks, such as the Skin Pachimari Roadhog. You can read all the details of the event here.