The PS4 has a new and free game of nothingness, thanks to a stealthy surprise release. The PS5 has been available for a couple of years, but PS4 continues to receive many new games. In fact, most game launches still reach PS4, since the current generation installation base in PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X is not yet large enough to justify skipping the huge size of Installing the PS4 and Xbox One. In a couple of more years, this will change, but for now, the PS4 is receiving most of the new releases, and still receives surprise releases like bleach: brave souls, a free mobile game and PC that has more than 60 million downloads.

In April 2021, editor Klab Inc. announced that the game would arrive at PS4 and it was supposed to be launched on PS4 in 2021, but this obviously did not happen and did not know when it was launched. Then, today, it was thrown into PS4 out of nowhere.

ps4 surprises playstation players with free new stealth release
The free gacha game debuted in 2015 through mobile phones, and only in Japan. A year later, it was launched all over the world, then 2020 reached PC and is now on PS4.

«Bleach, the successful series of manga and anime of Tite Kubo, comes alive in this Action Game 3D Hack-and-Slash», is read in an official comment on the game. “The game faithfully reproduces the story of the anime, manga Shonen Jump and novels with loving details with fantastic graphics and an action game».

The game has no metacritic data, so we can not offer a lot of information if it is good, but it has a Steam user review rating «Very positive», with 86 percent of 4,993 reviews qualifying the game positively. That said, it is not very difficult to obtain a Steam user review rating “Very positive”, so take this “86 percent” with tweezers.

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