Konami Digital Entertainment Hands, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STeam / Nintendose Switch / for smartphones “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” . Speaking of a card that represents “Yu-Gi-Oh” that became the origin of the same work, it is “Greedy” .

The effect is “2 sheets from the deck” and the simple but stronger. Because it is too strong, it will be a prohibited card, but it has long been loved for a long time, and it has appeared as “Mate” even with “Mate”. Isn’t there some people who are healed to him to move like a lovely with duelist?

It will be said that it will bring happiness, but when you put out the hand put in your hand, you will explode “Greedy” (from “Master Guide 2”). Actually, it is an organism and a lot of roses derived from here. In this article, we will introduce such a “greedy” family, and the relevant card.

By the way, the phrase “I will be happy if you buy a wolf” is derived from the fact that the “inspirational Commercial Code” psychic person was fed and expensive. Be careful because it is a fraudulent act that has been popular before fraud. (If you are worried about the Metropolitan Police Department HP “Speaking Commercial Code” section)

# ◆ This house is the original! When I call happiness, the rumor “greedy moth”

The important thing in Yu-Gi-Oh is “probability”. Decrocating a good card when drawing, it leads to victory. So, “a talented draw card” is only called happy.

The greedy wolf can also be cancered because the trigger conditions are also not triggered. It is a perfect card in drawing, but if it is a disabled card, it will not be able to enter the deck.

Such greedy sellers also have spirits, and in that case there is a growing degree of happiness.

◆ 1 family? Or close life! ? Midori, more.

“Humble Motoru” “Greedy Motor” “Material Motor” “Aid Aid” “Postless Masami” …. These will be derived cards of “greedy”. Healthy, no motivation is a gentle face, but greedy, metal and videos are for erases.

And, even more, a card as if the oyster was mixed also appeared. Now there are many people who are familiar if this one is familiar. If this happens, “Yu-Gi-Oh” continues to say, “” derived card may appear in the future. I’m worried about what magical remodeling is done.

As a “greedy” self parody, “greedy foutrou” card also exists. Who is this “Utubo” is very worried.

# ◆ “Greedy” is in the middle of growth! ? Anyway, the Macho “Magico”

There is also a monster of the “” related cards, “magic” . Here, a greedy wolf has grown…. It is not mean that you are suffering from a greedy 本 (?). Since it is a “greedy” that explodes when you put a hand inside, there will be few individuals that can grow safely.

The effect of concern is that when sending one “greedy” from the hand to the graveyard, three cards are drawn from the deck. Anyway, it enables a dandruff, but the essential “greedy” itself has a prohibited card. There is no role.

The cards that are in the same way are also given the above “greedy 精” . The spirits are cute, but there is no love to the Ma Ma. Is he the day he is used in “Master Duel”?

The more you look at it, the more you call the mystery. The setting has been disclosed for the Ma God and the spirits, but “greedy foutrou” etc. does not know anymore.

As of March 2022, “greedy” is a prohibited card, so it is not available in “Master Duel”.

That said, this card is the most popular card of “Yu-Gi-Oh”. Previously, some have also been sold as a moth. And “magic” “Greedy 精” is not meaningful, but it is not a prohibited card. It may be unusual to put it in the deck with the intention of the news.