New Avermedia Boom Arm + AM330 Microphone Review
Avermedia , the well-known Taiwanese company specializing in peripherals for computer science and gaming, hTaiwanese company presented its new range of products live streamer with which to complement your audio ecosystem specially designed for streamers and content creators. It is about the new Live Streamer ARM and Live Streamer Pop Filter , fully compatible with live streamer mic 330 and live streamer Ax310 already existing.

An articulated arm and a professional quality filter

Thus, the A VerMedia Live Streamer ARM is built with aluminum and offers novel features with support for both articulated arm style and low profile style in a single device. Being strong and agile is important for a microphone arm and having joints that can rotate along 7 axes , the Live Streamer ARM provides flexibility unlike any other microphone arm in the market.

In addition, it resorts to its own pre-trained cable management to hide them in view and offer an elegant and sober configuration . It is capable of supporting up to 1.8 kg and other devices such Taiwanese company camerTaiwanese company without mirror, webcams and more. For its part, the Live Streamer Pop Filter helps reduce the occlusive in the Streamer’s voice to sound always perfect .

Built with top quality material, the Live Streamer Pop Filter consists of a metal structure with soft material that is used to mount it in the microph1. The modular design of the filter does not only makes it compact, but also helps you to eTaiwanese companyily remove it to clean it when necessary. Metal Mesh is designed to meTaiwanese companyure to reduce the occlusives extremely well when used in the Live Streamer MIC 330 and, thanks to the exclusive design, it merges perfectly with the microphone.

Both peripherals are already available in specialized stores.