the GameStop Xbox SCAM
GameStop has confirmed that players will have the opportunity to buy an Xbox series x this week. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have had a noticeable scarcity since its launch in 2020, largely due to problems with the supply chain. When the consoles run out, resellers generally manage to take a large part of the supply and sell them with a surcharge, leaving many consoles accumulating dust on sites like eBay. However, the owners of the platform are doing everything possible to avoid this by associating with retailers to replenish the stores and it seems that fans can expect a fairly soon.

GameStop has announced will have Xbox series X units available for purchase at the store on March 18 at selected locations. These will only be available for PowerUp Rewards Pro members and it seems that there will be no standard consoles available. Those who want an Xbox Series X will have to buy a package, which is usually composed of games, subscription cards and other accessories, which forces people to pay more money if they want 1. You can go here to see a map of all GameStop stores in the United States, but it is not clear if this map reflects the stores that will have xbox series packets in stock.

Although it is not ideal to have to buy a package from the beginning, it allows players to ensure a console and some things they would probably have had to buy at one time or another anyway. At this time, it is generally not clear when the scarcity of consoles will end. It was estimated that it could become easier to acquire in 2022, but some analysts and companies have affirmed that it could take more. Having said that, the more you are replenished, the more possibilities the people will have to get consoles and slowly eliminate people who run to the queues.

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