Sega Toys Co., Ltd. announced on March 18th to release “Astrocity Mini V” on July 28th. Price is 10,000,9580 yen (tax included).

“Astrocity Mini V” is the second edition of the Arcade Classic Series following “Astrocity Mini” released in 2020. It is a game machine that reproduces the game chassis astrocity that appeared in the game center in 1993 in a six-quarter size. This time, it is a major feature that the 4.6 inch liquid crystal monitor to be mounted is arranged vertically.

The recording title is the following 22 works, focusing on the 1980-90’s shooting games that adopted the vertical screen. Among these, “out zone” “King of the War” “Dogs! “Dessert Breaker” “Armdopolis Batrider” “Battle Bacleto Unlimited Version” is the first faithful transplant of the Arcade Version. “Out Zone” “Doggy! The first transplantation in Japan.

Moon Cloth
· Zaxxon
· Terracsta
· Cosmopolis Galvan
· Action Fighter
· Tatsujin
· Lestle War
·shark! shark! shark!
· Lightning electricity
· Out zone
· Sonic wings
· King of the master
· Dogune !!
· Dessert Breaker
V.V.V (Vi Five)
· Sengoku Ace
· Shipping Magical Operation
· Gun hard
· Strikers 1945
· Armdopolis Batrider
Battle Bacleto Unlimited Version

This machine can be played with LCD monitors with these recorded titles and joysticks & buttons. In addition, HDMI outputs are also provided, and can be enjoyed by output (720p) to the television. Even at the time of HDMI output, it corresponds to the vertical screen display. Besides this, it is equipped with an easy save function that can save the game instantly with one button. It also corresponds to peripheral devices released for “Astrocity Mini”.

“Astrocity Mini V” will be released on July 28th. Price is 10,000,9580 yen (tax included). In addition, “Sega Toys.COM set”, “Astrocity Mini V Game Center Style Kit” and “Astrocity Mini Control Pad”, etc. are included in this machine, and it is 32780 yen (tax included) There is.

In addition, we decided to hold the “Astrocity Mini V” world’s fastest experiences according to this announcement. It will be implemented from April 4 to April 10 by Takada Baba Gehsen Micad, which cooperates with board selection and development of this unit. There is no membership fee. At the experience meeting, “Astrocity Mini V” is connected to an arcade chassis and one of the recording titles can be tried to be traced. How is the nearby person to carry a foot?