What games would have to be represented on the PS2-Classic when Sony would announce the mini console tomorrow? We asked for your opinion and show you the 13 most good games in the picture range.

God of War - Kratos kills King Midas

PS2 Mini: These games are likely to be missing

Mini consoles are the last scream. After Sony launched his first miniature console on the market in 2018 with the PlayStation Classic, not a few players asked for a particular question: When will the PlayStation 2 Classic or Playstation Mini come – and above all, which PS2 games will be there ?

In the lower picture range we present you a list of 13 games at which Sony should only be oriented to create the perfect compendium for every1. Because who knows that better than their own fans?

And, what do you think? Are the best games there or missing some? Currently unknown is not known if and when Sony will bring out a PlayStation 2 Mini. Wonderful games there would be abundant. Sony would definitely not go wrong with the list of our community.