Actually, the Xbox Series S should complete my PS5, after all, I wanted to completely exploit the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. My joy did not last long. I quickly sold her again, but not because of the console itself, but because of the supplied accessories.

A comment by Jasmin.

The release of the PlayStation 5 will probably be branded by the pre-order chaos and the delivery bottlenecks and now now, about half a year later, the consoles are damned scarce. Also with Microsoft it does not look much better, especially the Xbox Series X is mostly out of print. Still, I was lucky and could not only secure the PS5, but also an Xbox Series S.

Maybe you already notice that I was still never fan of a particular platform . My passion for gaming was at the time with the C64, moved across the Game Boy, the Nintendo 64, the PlayStation 1, the Xbox 360, and more consoles. Meanwhile, I play a lot on the PC itself, but also burn me comfortably on the sofa, to fit a console and take the controller in hand – but right there is the problem for me.

_Alles via Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5: _

Microsoft, where remains the next generation?!

I really was looking forward to my new Xbox console. As a user of the Game Pass Ultimate I have access to hundreds of playing both on PC and on the console – the perfect starting situation. When I put the console next to my PS5, a feeling of happiness and I nodded confident, but when I took the controller in his hand, the joy was over quickly for me.

How so? Why does Microsoft complement the elaborately touted Next-Gen console with a cheap piece of plastic ? The included Xbox controller feels anything but valid, more like a cheaper copy. The buttons clacking exaggerated noisy and feel like they fall from the controller – an absolute no-go!

Why does not Microsoft simply take an example of the new DualSense controller of the PS5? This is not only much better in the hand, but also has the perfect weight for me and also looks damn sneer. And also the haptic feedback, the adaptive triggers, the motion sensor and the integrated microphone provide a real Next-Gen feel.

Oh, and a question still dear xbox team: Who came to the idea that the controllers are still running with batteries?! For me, it has nothing to do with Next gene, especially since batteries are anything but environmentally friendly. Too often they land in household waste and ensure defective devices when they leak. Sony also triggers that with the PlayStation Controller much better. Thanks to the charging station I can charge the easy and fast – perfect!

All this influences my fun on the Xbox Series S so negative that I decided in the end against the console – too bad!

_An the console I can not complain: _

Xbox Series S (512 GB / White)

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That has to go better, Microsoft!

That I have now decided against the Xbox Series X / s, does not mean that I will not give the console no chance. In my opinion, have both Sony and Microsoft unique games and just with a Game Pass Ultimate, the selection can be seen on the Xbox.

So Microsoft, if your loud controller misses a fat design upgrade and converted from batteries to batteries, I will safely buy your consoles again – Do not let me down!

_The Xbox Game Pass is a nice supplement: _

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New Xbox Series leaked by Microsoft

How is it with you? Do you have a specific console darling and how is yours to the controllers? Have you saved one of the next-gene consoles? Visit us very much on Facebook and write us your opinion in the comments.