In Pokémon GO stands the shadow lending event before: The activation takes place on 22 March . A time for the launch has already mentioned Niantic: Let’s start at 10 o’clock. You then have the opportunity to participate in a colorful bustle in the smartphone hit until 29 March. Also, look past the 26th and 27th March, because then a special ramp lightweekend is running to the shadow lake event in Pokémon Go. Then Waumboll will appear more frequently in parks than usual. For the first time, his shiny version is also on the way.

Special Pokémon to the Schattendlegel-Event


Throughout the event period, the Grassichel Pokémon Imantis and the Flower Sichel Pokémon Mantidea give their debuts in Pokémon Go . Also, Kapu Fala , the patron saint of the island of Akala, also shows for the first time. Directly at the beginning of the event, Niantic releases the new special research to the island of Akala – info should be submitted soon on the developer website. A temporary research is also active. This time your Plant Pokémon has to catch and go on a journey of discovery. As a reward for the completed research, her items will receive and can meet each event Pokémon like Imantis.

Great in the raids

Werft to the shadow-jungle event also a look into the wilderness , because there are also Safcon, Paras, Owei, Castadur and Hoothoot more often than usual. Pinsir and Waumboll are also on the way – even in their shiny form. In the Raids is also powerful something: On stage 1, you know Knofenz and Wuellboll, on level 3 GIFLOR and Smettbo and Level 5 on Kapu Fala. In the mega raids you take it with mega-glurak y. In the field research, you meet, among other things, Raupy, Owei and Castadur, if you successfully completed them.

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