While the Xbox Series has a NVME SSD with a meager 512 GB storage, Microsoft remains convinced that it will not be a big problem. Although the lack of storage space can be a decisive factor for some people, Microsoft continues to double the freedom of players, suggesting that players get the Xbox Series X in certain circumstances. The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series will both come out on November 10, followed closely by PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition on November 12th.

“When we look at the models of players, there are all kinds,” Microsoft said. “Some people will play ten to fifteen games a month; The other players will choose to play only one game, and they will play this game religiously. So obviously, in this case, they do not change game all the time. Some people can choose smaller games and want to jump from one to the other. We certainly examined the data and we felt confident in the 512 GB of the Xbox Series S. “

“Everything comes down to what you expect from your new generation machine,” Microsoft pursued. “If you have a big screen from which you want to play a huge game library, if you have a shelf filled with original Xbox One, 360 and Xbox titles, if you want to see the clearest image presentation Possible, then you want the Xbox Series X, not the Xbox Series S.Is your entertainment center is more modest, you have a maximum of a 40-inch TV or a monitor, and you just want to play the digital game library that You have, in addition to those who will come to the future on services like Xbox Game Pass, then the S series has only meaning.


“He will always play all the games you want, and on a smaller screen, you will not even notice the visual differences. If you are looking for a way to play the Xbox Game Pass tracks are rarely much more, so the Xbox Series S is a perfect choice for you, and at the price it is, I predict we’ll see many more people. Enter the Xbox ecosystem this generation with the Xbox Series S. “

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