How to Increase Your Skills Quickly in Rune Factory 5! Infinite Crafting & More Tips!
To get a hammer in the RUNE Factory 5, you will first need to perform the task on blacksmith . The task is to assemble the material of the material for the client named Dagrock. (blacksmith). You can get this task by going to the task board outside the Seed Station.

However, the setting “Material Stone Collection” will not appear until you execute a few tasks . So, so that the task appears, you must go to the task board and clear some tasks will not pop up.

How to get a hammer in RUNE Factory 5

After several tasks, you can get a hammer by following the job search with the inscription “Collect Stone Material”. Complete the task and as a reward get the hammer. Fortunately, the task is quite simple as soon as you accept it, you will get the hammer and you will need to use it to split several stones.

You can do it, going up to your field and clicking on the nearest rock or Voon with a hammer. After that, you will need to return to the task board and pass the task to execute it.

Once you surrender the task, you will get a hammer in the RUNE Factory 5. But why do you need a hammer? Well, it is quite simple, the hammer is mainly used for cleaning Large boulders as well as Little stones in your field for stone blocks and ore.

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