Developer Onion Soup Interactive announced March 24, Mini Games Omnibus “ Press A for Achievements “. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). According to the STeam store page, this work corresponds to the Japanese language display. Release timing Q3 2022 (7 to September).

“Press A for Achievements” is an omnibus work that contains various mini games. Player clears more than 50 stages games and level up. The purpose is to release a large number of achievements by raising the rank. Some of the results that can be released by acquiring and leveling an experience value, and sometimes there is also a track record that can be discovered by using the head beyond the mini-game framework. The input in the mini game is basically only one button (key).

As a mini game, a cart race, fishing game, archery, etc. exist. In addition, it seems that you want to type, shoot photography, and challenge the triggering drama. Besides, games that pour the fuel into the car, read news, and challenge skiing. On the other hand, with puzzles and 3D mazes, it is said that FPS and RPG are developed with one button.

In addition, this work is also equipped with the function to improve replay. By unlocking the element called MOD STONES, it is possible to change the rules for playing next. In each stage, it seems that ranks such as copper, silver and gold can be obtained for each graded.

Secret results are also hidden in the mini game. If found, functions include other players, and conversely, and conversely, functions such as disruption are provided. Conversely, if you can not find a track record, it seems that you can buy hints from other players. But in this case, care should be taken not to be fooled by incorrect information.

In this work, it is possible to customize your own character. You can unlock the character, and you may have profile items, voice packs, coloring, patterns, and a little smile phrase. These elements can be acquired in the game and a pattern that can be purchased using coins obtained in the game.

ON ONION SOUP INTERACTIVE for “Press A for Achievents” is a studio consisting of developers’ Andy Madin and Community Manager / Designer Amy Madin. The same studio has been working with the “NIPPON MARATHON” series as past work. The same work is a marathon game with the theme of “Mistake full of misunderstandings seen from foreigners”. I intentionally used a strange Japanese, or a two-footed dog and a sailor-like character and brought an impact to the user in a surreal world view.

In “Press A for Achievents”, such factors are in part, and Japan’s news program wind scene etc. appear. The screen appears on the screen, and there is a telop such as “the smell of the side”, and the gene in Hentecho is likely to be alive. In addition, the parody of the scene where the Secretary of the Secretary of the Bunches announced by the Secretary of Technology appears, and it seems that there is a core Japanese factor.

“Press A for Achievements” is scheduled to be released at Q3 of 2022 for PC at STeam.