धुर्मुस सुन्तली पहिलो पटक इन्द्रेणीमा, सुन्तलीको दोहोरीले सबै मोहित भए ।०७६.०२.१५ HD
Elf-counter-eleven game forms remained in the current international game phase so far a pious wish of the U-21 coach team around Di Salvo. “Maybe we’ll get it tonight for a few minutes,” said the 42-year-old as part of the press conference on Thursday afternoon. However, this is certainly by no means, even though through three postnominations on Thursday MorRittag now 23 professionals in the DFB district in the Dutch VAAL.

Stay three question marks

While it looks quite good again at the last struck Eric Martel (Austria Vienna), Malik Tillman (Bavaria) after two week disease break on Wednesday for the first time trained again and on Friday night against Latvia (18:15, live! At game) in the Aachen Tivoli Stadium loud Salvo could be a Joker option, there are new question marks: Wolfsburg Felix Nmecha and HSV Offensive Faride Alidou had to finish the unit earlier on Wednesday. It is very tightly very tight also to Hoffenheim Angelo Stiller, who could attract football shoes for the first time after the information of the coach in a row of a fierce footprolation on Wednesday.

If you take the previously injured Yannik Keitel (Freiburg) and Yousoufa Moukoko (Dortmund), Di Salvo must cope with eleven failures. In the current bid are only seven actors, which contributed at the 3-1 game win in Latvia in September 2021 on the lawn. However, despite the personnel problems, the coach does not move away from his clear goal. “The squad is good enough to win two games,” the DFB coach also emphasized with a view of the Brisant game at the scoring Israelis on Tuesday: “It’s also a chance to show up for many players. So a situation Can also release and release energies. “

Leaders in the duty

The remaining established are supposed to give this newly assembled team – in the square and next to it. On Wednesday, Di Salvo therefore took a quintet in a call for a call. Captain Jonathan Burkardt (Mainz), which forthe Jamie Leweling and Maximilian Bauer, Nurembergs Tom Krauß and the injury for the first time in the new cycle called, reigning U-21 European Champion Josha Vagnoman (HSV) are also responsible for integrating the new players who To show the processes because it is incredibly difficult in the short time to pretend everything from the coaching team, “said the Salvo.

Goalware question still open

The question of whether for Latvia Freiburg’s third-league Stemkeeper Noah Atubolu or Salzburg’s spare man Nico Mantl will be in the goal, the U-21 chef coach left on Thursday still unanswered. Meanwhile, there is a premiere on the grandstand. DFB President Bernd Neuendorf will accompany its first international game in a new feature. So far, for the game where the DFB wants to demonstrate its solidarity with Ukraine through numerous actions, 6800 tickets. Among them on association invitation: 27 before the war in Ukraine refugees U-17 footballers who currently live in the sports school Hennef.